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Annie the Bard, Ann Bardens-McClellan

The Wall


And when they lock us inside
the gates of their prison
hands tied behind us     mouths
taped     our silent screams
reach upward and finding no
succour     turn inward     piercing
our own hearts.

In our cells     hands untied
we scribble messages on rough
toilet paper     pretending we can
communicate with each other
and our loved ones outside.


We stand at the wall     bodies
sacks of cement     eyes flint
mouths blades     each mind
a homemade bomb.

Searching the sky     we see
a hawk circling above us. Proud
free     she salutes us     dipping
earthward     then swooping again
toward heaven. Her majestic
flight bears prayers to God
and returns grace to earth.

We weave paper doves
into barbed wire
where they flutter
helpless in the wind.
Our captive fingers release
them one by one and     weeping
we watch them rise.

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©2017 Ann Bardens-McClellan