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Annie the Bard, Ann Bardens-McClellan
painting 'to the centre'

"To the Centre"
Eileen Millard

My collaboration with artist Eileen Paul Millard on our second book, Journey to the Centre, is now in print. This painting and corresponding poem are from that book.

You can read a Northern Express article about our collaboration and new book here: It's Ekphrastic!

Fleda Brown, poet and professor emerita, University of Delaware, had this to say: "Journey to the Centre is clearly an act of love. Back and forth, from image to poem, from poem to image, we are drawn down into the center of an entire lifetime, with its pain, its struggles, its joys, its dancing, its bit of blue hope. There is clarity here, and music, and dreaming and keen observation. I finish the book with a strong sense of the power of language and art to bring us through—no, to win out over—almost anything."


from the book Journey to the Centre

The Centre

for Eileen

In a vast white landscape
infinity can't be written,
silence is an ally, longing
leads to madness. Lost
in absolute space, caught
in white winter light, I learn
to break the code. My stolen tongue
taps out secret signals cracking
on contact with brittle air.

-- Ann Bardens